Course Desciption

5 Day Immersion Course Description

Understanding Action Geometry

  • Learn the fundamentals of action design and how 8,800 discrete action components function and work together to form this living, breathing, dynamic, center of the piano.

Selecting the Correct Replacement Parts

  • Become trained in how to select and match properly dimensioned action parts for different piano scales and performance criteria, and to create custom parts for pianos where original parts are no longer available.

Action Parts Preparation

  • Discover the secret of how to achieve the optimum inertia and movement of the action by assuring uniformity in the bushings, pinning, and alignment of the sub component parts.

Hammerhead Selection, Preparation, Voicing, & Hanging to Shanks

  • Gain valuable insights into how felt is actually produced and how the felting process determines certain voicing techniques. Learn the correct hammer boring, shaping, and tailing techniques in this hands on class, and master the art of filing and voicing, and custom fitting the hammers to the shanks.

Action Parts Installation

  • Complete a personal, hands on, installation of the action components on the action frame under the direction of experienced professionals.

Action Regulation

  • Perform a complete action regulation, including the installation of back checks, let-off buttons, and key re-bushing. Learn the inter-relationships of the action parts and how to align them to achieve the optimum level of responsiveness and performance throughout the scale in this intense, 12 hour, hands-on, training.

Damper Underlever System Installation

  • Learn how to custom design & install a complete underlever system in virtually any grand piano.

Expanding Your Rebuilding Business

  • Improve your ability to sell better quality and more profitable rebuilding jobs with professional sales and communication techniques.

Class Location & Accommodations

Classes and room accommodations will be at the Courtyard by Marriott Scottsdale North, located in the center of Scottsdale, Arizona, close to the Renner USA headquarters.


  • Welcome Reception Sunday evening
  • One full week – 36 Hours, “hands-on” instruction
  • Informal discussions with the instructors in the evening
  • Refreshing & healthy breakfast each morning
  • Deli gourmet lunch each day
  • Tour of “world renowned” Musical Instrument Museum
  • Visit to Spreeman Innovations where Ravenscroft piano is handcrafted
  • Friday Night Banquet and Graduation Ceremony

Special individual room rates will be available to all attendees.

Shuttle Transportation is available from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to Hotel.