Mastering the Art of the Piano Action

Announcing the next Renner Academy

The Renner Academy is a full-week “Immersion Course” with the industry’s top instructors who provide detailed material and hands-on training in the art of replacing and regulating the grand piano action.

Envisioned by Renner USA founder, Lloyd Meyer, the Academy has been providing the finest training of its kind since 2014. The program is designed for intermediate and advanced-level piano technicians who want to expand and perfect their knowledge in all areas of grand piano action replacement, repair, regulation, advanced hammer selection, preparation, voicing, and back action replacement. Class size is limited to 24 students in order to provide personalized, hands-on, experience with each student able to work with their own piano action.

The program was recently expanded and enhanced for 2023 and will now be our biggest and best course yet, thanks in part to the generous sponsorship of Ravenscroft Pianos. Part of the experience will now include hands-on work inside the new Build Studio where the Ravenscroft grand pianos are produced, and the voicing instruction will happen on stage in a state-of-the-art concert hall with amazing acoustics at The Ravenscroft, pictured here:

Part of the Renner Academy experience will now include hands-on work inside the new Build Studio where the Ravenscroft grand pianos are produced.
Also included is an optional VIP trip to the Musical Instrument Museum, where participants can see the Renner Exhibit, the famous “kitchen piano” at the Steinway exhibit, and enjoy a “behind the scenes” tour of special areas of the museum not available to the public.

This very popular course sells out quickly (the 2023 event sold out within 48 hours of being announced). We are considering the possibility of offering this program again in 2024, but no dates have been determined.  For additional questions about the program, or to be added to our email list to receive notifications about the Renner Academy and other training programs available from Renner USA, please contact us or call our office at 480-575-1700.


What They Are Saying

Nick del Palacio
“The minute an opportunity for this class comes about, jump on it.”

Paco Morales
“I feel that this Academy has been a great investment in my career as a piano technician.”

Crystal Fielding
“The lineup of top notch industry instructors is a combination you can’t really get anywhere else.”

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