Alumni – June 2019

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Barbara Campbell

A lifelong love of pianos began at a young age for Barbara Campbell, who turned that passion into a full-time career as a professional piano technician. “I began my piano studies as a young girl and continued playing in college as a music business major,” Campbell says, choosing the piano as her instrument of choice.

Now the owner of Pitch Perfect Pianos in Alpharetta, Georgia, Campbell says that early passion has culminated in the perfect marriage of musical performance, technical, and business skills. With more than 15 years of experience, she also serves as the head Steinway technician at Steinway Piano Galleries.

Campbell provides a wide array of services, including piano tuning and repairs, regulation, voicing, cleaning, concert preparation, full piano rebuilding, and piano appraisals. She also provides player piano installations and maintenance.

She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business, and also sings and plays saxophone and bass clarinet. She is a Registered Piano Technician and a member of the Piano Technicians Guild, and has completed advanced training at the Renner Academy. Campbell is Steinway and Yamaha trained, and is a factory trained installer and service technician for PianoDisc, QRS, Disklavier and Spirio player piano systems.

“Becoming a piano technician has become the perfect profession, as it appeals to my musical side while allowing me to work with my hands and serve others,” Campbell says.

To learn more about Campbell and her services, visit the Perfect Pitch website, email Barbara Campbell, or call her at 404-884-5136. She can be reached by mail at 5950 North Point Parkway, Alpharetta, GA 30022.

Aften Fairbanks

From student to professional, Aften Fairbanks has enjoyed a wide range of experiences as a Registered Piano Technician, from basic tuning to rebuilding the entire instrument.

“I began servicing pianos as a student technician for Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah,” she recalls. “Upon graduation, I was hired by Baldassin Pianos and began learning how to rebuild pianos,” working under the tutorage of Rick Baldassin, considered one of the world’s most knowledgeable and experienced piano technicians. She also completed advanced training at the Renner Academy.

“I love listening to a newly installed soundboard and hearing the resonating sound fill the room,” she says of her work. “That, and completing a fully restored piano, are the most satisfying parts of my job as a rebuilder.”

In addition to residential customers, Baldassin Pianos services institutions such as Utah Symphony and Opera, Brigham Young University, Ballet West, Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival, University of Utah, Capitol Theater, and Westminster College, as well as the area’s most important recording studios.

Residential services include tuning, pitch raises, voicing, regulation, broken string or hammer replacement, and much more.

To learn more about Fairbanks and the Baldassin services, visit the Baldassin Pianos website, email Aften Fairbanks, or call her at 801-322-4441. She can be reached by mail at 441 W 12300’s S, Suite A500, Draper, UT 84020.

Michael Ryan

With more than 30 years of experience, Michael Ryan is well respected as a leader in the piano technician field, serving in numerous professional capacities in Australia over the years. How he got into the business is another story, however.

“I entered the trade purely by accident,” he says, noting that he wasn’t even aware that piano tuners existed. “I played a few instruments before commencing my apprenticeship,” he recalls. “I always liked to fix and build things, so it turned out to be the right job for me. I enjoy the people I meet through tuning and servicing pianos.”

Ryan wears two hats, one as owner of his own piano services business, Performance Pianos in Brisbane, and the other as the principal in charge of Renner Australia, the authorized distributor for the Renner company in Germany, which manufactures what many technicians consider to be the highest quality parts used in the piano repair and rebuilding industry.

A Registered Piano Technician, Ryan’s list of educational pursuits is exhaustive, having studied in many of the world’s leading piano manufacturing facilities, as well as advanced training at the Renner Academy. He is accredited with Steinway, Kawai, Petrof, and PianoDisc.

Performance Pianos provides a wide range of services, including convert tuning and preparation, voicing, action regulation and rebuilding.

To learn more about Ryan and his services, visit the Renner Australia website, email Michael Ryan, or call him at 61 (0) 409 279251. He can be reached by mail at 117 Hutton Rd, Ferny Hills, Brisbane, Australia 4055.